Many members will have noticed the new plinking plates at our Wallops Woods grounds; these came about due to the efforts of MVAC member Stuart Kerley who came up with this excellent idea.
Using some of the large sheets of metal (owned by the Club) that he had noticed propped up against the side of one of our storage containers at Wallops, Stuart realised that there was a way to give members the same benefits that paper targets offer but which we are not permitted to use at this location. Stuart approached a couple of local companies that he knows, asked them if they could undertake the work required, and his cunning plan came into being!
The Club would like to place on record its thanks and gratitude to the two companies who freely donated both their time and effort in producing 30 small and 2 large target plinking plates, together with 4 stencil plates.
K&S Aerospace Components Ltd. of Totton guillotined large sheets of metal that the Club already had, which were then folded at the top so as to allow them to be easily hung on the top edge of the existing large white zero boards on the plinking range at our Wallops Woods grounds. The 4 stencils each allow 100 targets to be quickly and easily sprayed onto each of the smaller target plates.
Our thanks also go to K&N Finishers of Totton for their time and work in shot-blasting, primer painting and then white powder-coating each plate – and of course Stuart for coming up with such a first class idea and making it happen!