What is Plinking?

A set area of the club with an array of targets range finding boards set out for you to practise or collect shooting data. Whether you are one of those shooters who just enjoys the pleasure of shooting or you are a dyed-in-the-wool competition shooter wanting to check the zero on your gun before you head off at the weekend to do battle in a shoot, the Club's facilities at our Wallops Woods grounds are truly superb - probably amongst the very best in the whole of the region!

The Area

Our Plinking range is in an undercover area adjoining the clubhouse means that you and your rifle stay dry whatever the weather, and with zero boards and a huge range of practice targets set out from 8 yards to 55 yards there's something for everyone to test their marksmanship skills against. In addition, we've got a 30 shot HFT/FT practice course permanently set out for members to use. Full members of MVAC enjoy unlimited access to Wallops Woods during daylight hours all year round as part of their annual membership subscription at no extra cost/no additional range fees

Bench Shooting

The bench section of the Club's undercover plinking/zero range gives members an area to shoot from the comfort of a chair or stool, with their gun supported (if desired) on the bench area. This option gives the shooter maximum stability (essential for when zeroing their rifle or pistol), as well as giving those members less able to hold a rifle for longer periods the chance to enjoy airgun shooting.

The Rail

Located adjacent to the bench shooting area and still enjoying the benefit of being undercover, “The Rail” area of the Club's plinking area is a very versatile one where members can practice both their supported and unsupported “positional” shots (standing or kneeling), as well as being very suitable for pistol shooters. For those who need to fine tune their scope's zero from the prone position, we also have a long wooden box that can easily be wheeled into The Rail area for shooters to lay on.