What is Hunter Field Target?

Hunter Field Target (HFT) is a form of outdoor target shooting. This exciting and unique discipline has a very specific set of rules. You’ll only be able to set your magnification, parallax/focus once – at the start of the competition. Once it’s set, it’s set. You can’t change it. Therein lies the challenge and excitement of HFT. Once your rifle is set, you’re going to now need to rely on different techniques in judging distance. Hunter Field Target is shot primarilary in prone, on a mat, with your rifle held against a peg for support. This gives you ample stability whilst gauging the distance.

Combines Target shooting with hunting techniques

Without the ability to adjust the elevation turret on your scope, to hit targets at different ranges you use something called "Hold Over" or "Hold Under". These method essentially allow you to aim either above or below the target to knock it down. Right now you might be thinking its abit of a guessing game? It certainly isn't. Every rifle performs slightly different. From the power of your rifle, how the scope is mounted and even the range that your zeroed your rifle in at can make a big difference, so a key part in this skill is learning your rifle. Althought you are not allowed to adjust your scope after taking your first shot, you do however have your scopes reticle. On most rifle scope today you will have extra markings above and below your cross hairs. These are called Mil Dots which you can use with "Hold Over" and "Hold Under".

Scoring System

The scoring system used in HFT is 2 points are awarded for knocking over the target, 1 point for hitting the metal plate that surrounds the paddle but failing to knock the target over, and zero if the target is missed completely (commonly referred to as a “doughnut”). A typical HFT course normally consists of 30 targets, with each target being shot from a designated “peg”. This allows for a maximum score of sixty points.

Kit & Equipment

Shooting HFT opens up the door for a lot of shooters, this is down to one simple factor. You can get a HFT set up quiet a bit cheaper to get your self started. As with other shooting style your can add accessories and adjustments to your rifle to aid you in building a comfortable shooting position. The big favourites in HFT is a Hamster and adjustable cheek piece, both of these are designed to help make the rifle fit you better.

Upcoming HFT Events

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Apr 28 - S.I.H.F.T. Series – Round 1, Horsham

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