Meon Valley Airgun Club (MVAC) came into being in the early Nineties, when a group of local airgun enthusiasts recognised that a club dedicated to their chosen form of shooting would open up a number of opportunities that were not often available to the solitary airgun shooter, such as grounds where “plinking” and competitions could be staged, advice, technical assistance, and so on.

In time, as the Club grew in number of members it managed to secure the lease on a former battery chicken shed, giving its members not only a “club house” but also a 33 yard indoor range where rifles could be checked and zeroed in a wind-free environment – something that even today is almost unheard of amongst other clubs.

MVAC was also extremely fortunate to obtain shooting rights at 2 prime locations in the local area, both within what is now the Southdowns National Park – one at Wallops Woods, the other at Hen Woods.

In early 2020, with “the Chicken Shed” indoor range scheduled for demolition (as the site where it stood was being redeveloped), work began on construction of the new MVAC club house at its beautiful Wallops Woods grounds, with the completion of this conveniently coinciding with the lifting of the final round of COVID-19 restrictions.

In the early years of the Club, pretty much the only form of competitive shooting that was practised by the Club’s members was Hunter Field Target (HFT), along with a spot of indoor pistol shooting and the occasional informal competition. Fast forward to the present day, and although HFT very much remains “the backbone” of MVAC’s competitive shooting calendar, the last few years have also seen a growing number of its members shooting the Field Target (FT) discipline, as well as a plethora of leagues and series being run for pistol shooters – including a recently formed regional Pistol HFT series, run in conjunction with other clubs on the South Coast.

Meon Valley Airgun Club is a member of the Central Southern Field Target Association (C.S.F.T.A.), hosting rounds of both the HFT and FT “Winter League” series that the Association runs each year. MVAC also hosts a round of the very popular Southern Hunters Series each winter, as well as a round of the UKAHFT National Series and an FT Grand Prix, as well as putting on several “open” competitions every year for both members and visiting shooters alike.

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