New Targets on the Plink Range at Wallops Wood

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Many members will have noticed the new plinking plates at our Wallops Woods grounds; these came about due to the…

Wallops Woods CLOSED until further notice

Created by on 20th Mar in Club

The contractors are hoping to have completed the work on the track at Wallops Woods in the next week or…

Wallops Work Party 02/03/2024

Created by on 01st Mar in Club

There is a club work party scheduled for Saturday the 2nd March. We will be clearing the range areas of…

Hen Closed 03/03/2024

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Hen Woods will be closed on Sunday the 3rd of March to allow course setting for the Meon 50 competition…

Hen Closed for Course Setting 11/02/24

Created by on 04th Feb in Club

Hen Woods won’t be available for use on the 11th of Feb as we will be setting the course for…

New MVAC Website!

Created by on 25th Jan in Club

Hi All! And welcome to the new Club Website! Andrew Mason has done a fantastic job creating this site and…


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A quick look at what Field Target is


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A brief into into hunter field target