What Is Field Target

Field Target shooting first became popular in the early eighties. It is a discipline of shooting targets outdoors in woodland or open fields with a sub 12ft-lb air rifle, as opposed to the popular indoor 10 and 25 metre disciplines, hence why it became known as 'Field Target'. It's typically shot in the 'sitting' or 'freestyle' position which distinguishes it from its sister discipline of Hunter Field Target (HFT); additional shots taken from standing and kneeling positions are also used on some lanes.


The targets are of a metal 'knock-over' variety, originally shaped in the silhouette of animals and now also available in a variety basic geometric shapes (e.g. circle, diamond, etc.). Within the silhouette is a disc, referred to as the “hit zone”. A strike on the hit zone results in the target falling over and a 'hit' is scored; if the target does not fall the target is scored as a miss. A course normally consists of 40 or 50 targets, placed within lanes, comprising two targets to a lane. Three standard diameters of hit zones are used on the targets - 15mm, 25mm, and 40mm or 45mm (both of which are often referred to as “full size” hit zones). The targets are placed between distances from 10 yards out to a maximum of 55 yards, and can be placed anywhere - on the ground or raised above it, or even high up in trees.

Scroing System

Field Target has a very simple scoring system. If you knock the target down by striking the hit zone you score a point which you can log on your score card as an 'X'. If however you plate ( hitting the target anywhere that is not the kill zone) or miss the target completely you score nothing, which is known as a doughnut, as you have probably guessed you would record this with 'O' on your score card. On a standard course there are two targets per lane. With upto 25 lanes per course the maximum score achievable could be as high as fifty. When you manage to achieve the highest score for that course it's know as a clear round.

Kit & Equipment

In the world of Airgun shooting today, the rifle you choose is down to personal preference and there are an array of accessories you can apply to them to help make your rifle fit you perfectly. These accessories can help in a multitude of different ways, from wind indicators to help understand how far to aim off to adjustable check pieces and hamsters to allow you to customise your rifle to fit you perfectly which will aid in building a stable shooting position. The main difference for Field Target is your scope, it's the most integral part if you want to be hitting that kill. With FT you are allowed to adjust every part of your scope for each shot, your magnification to see far away targets, your paralax turret to get a crystal clear image and help you guage the targets distance, your elevation turret to dial your scope in for the range.

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May 26 - BFTA Grand Prix – Round 2, Castle

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